SmartSpace Homes Core Inclusions

Each SmartSpace Home includes the following items to create your space.


Module subfloor framing: Perimeter galvanised steel beams and galvanised steel joists Module sheet flooring: 15mm fibre cement to interior Module framing: Galvanised steel rectangular posts (100 x 50mm) & galvanised steel top rail sections Module trusses & roofing: Galvanised steel trusses and battens for 15 degree pitched roof. Prefinished Roof sheeting and flashing Module Verandah roof: Prefinished Roof sheet with steel rafters Module external wall panels: Steel stud section wall panels, lined internally with 10mm plasterboard Module ceiling panels: Galvanised steel frame, 10mm lined plasterboard Insulation: R3.5 Glass wool batts in ceiling panels, R2.5 to walls, foil wrap to external walls Cornices: 40mm Scotia profile plaster cornice Sundries: Screws, bolts, brackets, bracing and trim to complete construction Water pipes: PE hot and cold water pipes and tails as per plans Guttering: Perforated Galvanised Gutter supplied as per plans


Internal wall lining Unpainted 10mm plasterboard Roofing: Prefinished steel Roof sheeting Cladding: Pre-painted weatherboard style fibre cement, supplied with fixing screws Window and door frames: White Powder coated aluminium Glazing: Double-glazing to external doors and windows. Constructed to suit Wind Region C2