There are some important steps you should follow when choosing your SmartSpace to help ensure you choose the right SmartSpace option that is right for you.

1. Choose your SmartSpace

Visit a display and choose the unit size to suit your land. There are displays at a number of Bunnings Warehouses, each with different sizes and configurations. Click here to find your nearest location

2. Planning permission

  • Talk to your local Council about the approval process
  • Check property title for covenants and overlays
  • Supply a licensed Draftsperson with the SmartSpace drawing set for specific site and building orientation drafting
  • Submit to Council for a planning permit and any demolition or landscaping permits required

3. Building permit

  • Obtain an owner builder license or contract a registered builder
  • Obtain a soil report to establish footing requirements
  • Get suitable footings designed according to site by an Engineer
  • Assess sewerage options – Mains, Septic, Other
  • Obtain an energy efficiency report from an Energy Rater Obtain a BAL (bushfire) rating where applicable
  • Adhere to any other specific council conditions
  • Contract a building surveyor or submit to Council for building permit approval

4. Build your SmartSpace

  • Clear and prepare the site for building
  • Install footings – have them inspected by a surveyor
  • Construct your SmartSpace unit
  • Contract a licensed plumber to install plumbing and connect to mains
  • Contract a licensed electrician to install electrical and connect to mains
  • Fit out and furnish to finish